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The Greyhound Torso is now available in an edition casting.
price: $300.00 plain white

Also available in splashed colored versions 
(Jackson Pollock-style) below

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Valkyrie Prosthesis  What if a Wagnerian 
opera star lost her breasts? Here's the heavy-
duty answer! FROM THIS MOLD
Concrete, steel.  1994     SOLD.
Pregnant Torso with final paint    2001 collection of the model

Ten years after she posed for this torso piece, Krista returned to buy it. She wore panties, and you can see how they show little folds and sags due to the weight of the plaster.

4 views of foam torso made for sewing
Woman with curvature of the spine -I can't see it- needed a mannequin to sew her clothes. We cast her torso, front and back, and made her statue with soft foamed urethane lined with plaster. Steel pole is for raising it to proper height. Foam allows pins to be stuck in.
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