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A quiet, serious young woman attended my Gallery 509 opening. She didn't introduce herself, but she called the following week and came to the shop. She was a sort-of grad student, working on an ambitious project in hopes of getting a state grant. Yvonne wanted advice on how to make a lifecast statue, but she would be using it to stretch rawhide into a vaguely recognizable form. Three forms, actually, and each would inhabit an elaborate wooden 'reliquary.'
We talked for a long while about technical problems. How do you stretch and shape rawhide on such a scale? She had some ideas. Making lifecasts immensely strong, I assured her, was not a problem. 
How to cast a body in the first place, she did not know. Fortunately, it seemed she was a stripper, too, and would be glad to pose in order to learn the process. 
Yvonne was able to watch as I made this lifecast.
We made this simple drape mold for Yvonne to take and play with. Bra leaves noticeable marks in skin. Lovely skin.
We cannot overemphasize the importance of a thin but thorough 
body oiling. Terance displays good technique.
Yvonne posing inside her biggest Reliquary box.

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