Tutti Frutti Bootie
1998   Reinforced tinted Hydrocal  $750
model: Des

But when it dries out, the color dulls. My experiments with sealers left me choosing between a yellowing finish or a thick gloss: not what I wanted. Edison Coatings supplied the finish seen.

This effect is achieved by mixing colors into small batches of Hydrocal and dashing them Jackson Pollock-style into the mold, then laminating that thin layer with fiberglass mat and more H'cal for strength.
The piece is rubbed-in with more colored plaster once out of the mold, then wet-sanded until very slick.
Yes, your commission piece can be cast this way with any pastel colors.

Gallery 509 show.

Also see the Becca piece.


The mold survives;

bronze painted finish on Hydrocal. $500

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