Woodnymph of Spring  This page shows half of my Arts in the Park Special Project, 1992.
See also  Autumn and Winter woodnymphs  page, please.

This piece was cast in green-tinted fiberglass, with gold and silver-leaf stripes on the outside. 
Model JK.

          At Gallery 509, 1999.   SOLD      At Arts in the Park, 1992. 
Woodnymph of Summer
Model: MR (body only.)
I cast Kathy's face much later and grafted it on. Yes, I can do that.
The enamel and leaf paintjob was something new for me.

Reinforced Hydrocal


Here is the original statue displayed outdoors at the Eads, TN sculpture show. Is plain white better than a fancy painted finish? I usually think so, but the Seasons of a Woodnymph theme seemed to demand a summery finish.
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