Saskia Linssen To me she is the patron saint of lifecasting.. Keeley Hazell and Jo Guest have also done this.
In June, 1991 Playboy featured this beauty as Playmate, and in the text (yes, I read the text) she told of being lifecast, in the Netherlands, and of torsos being made and given to major friends of Dutch Playboy.
I wrote to Chicago asking to see the casting, and while they never sent a picture of the finished product, they did send these wonderful photos of the process.


The table setup forces the old artist to lean 'way forward to work. 
I would kneel on sharp pebbles to work with Saskia!
..Or you, if you look half this good.



They're apparently doing a front/back plaster gauze clamshell mold. It seems they paused here to snap some pictures. They did a lot of work in taping-up a cardboard cutoff to define the bottom plane. See how her arms are supported, her lower legs are shrouded, and of course the Vaseline.

We bid a fond farewell to those excellent nipples.

Enough fun; they get to work in earnest. Front gauze receives a coat of plaster for strength.
I would have gauzed her back before plastering the front, and the strips of gauze would barely meet each other at the split-line, and would extend outward from that line about an inch to form a definite parting surface.

Fred Reenders of the Netherlands is a master of plaster bandage casting (this is not him nor does he know who it is.) See his site -

Here they are, finishing the rear. We cannot see any demarcation separating front from back here. Looks like trouble to me. Must have done something to part the clamshell halves.

So when they pulled the front and back molds off our wonderwoman, they probably put them back together and let them dry thoroughly. Reassembling them prevents warpage. That's how I do it.

There were also a couple of strange, silly pics of her [fake-] pricking herself with a knife through the mold and red paint as blood.

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