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Greyhound torso

Reinforced Hydrocal 

model: EB

An edition casting of this piece is available.

This piece mounts to a wall hanging by one screw!

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Resting Figure

reinforced hydrocal  $1000
1991           model: MR

Stacy portrait bust   1990 $1200
The Grinner  at Jay Etkin Gallery -Cooper-Young    1990  (also Stacy) $1500

Bodyscape KR  "I am so glad I let you slather me with vaseline and plaster!" - Kathy, recently. She received payment each time I sold one.

One or two remain. $350.

This early statue was produced as an edition. This entailed casting them in a rubber mold of the original, which was polished Hydrostone, the hardest plaster. 25 of these were made, a couple as torcheres, and a few donated to auctions.

Venus de Memphis   Another early statue, of highly-polished Hydrostone, produced in an edition. Copies were thinner reinforced Hydrocal. The plaster support mold for the rubber mold of this was a real marvel (6 interlocking parts!) - long gone.

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