Models and their statues


I love reuniting my models with their statues. See Louie, Louie and It's Me, Alice as well.


Reseda and concrete version of her statue --
BROKEN by MLGW treebutchers!
And I can't even file a claim!

I fixed it after a while.

Deanna and her reclining figure

Much more Deanna 

Robyn - with 'Will Work for Food'

Tattoo is a rose, covering "Property of Iron Horsemen" or something!

"Will Work For Food" got thrown out of a Cooper-Young neighborhood art show. I was disturbed by the prostitute living down my street who wanted to trade for food.


Model/actress Krista Tutor (Black Snake Moan) left& above

  If you lifecast panties, this is how they usually come out.

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