Louie, Louie

1992   Reinforced Hydrocal  $1600.

One of my favorite statues, Louie, Louie has appeared in several shows in a couple of versions... but is still unsold.
A woman had me cast her in the same pose as a gift for her hoped-to-be beau . . . a mistake. Let me design a statue that flatters you!


A new radio station played the many versions of 'Louie, Louie' all weekend as I cast this statue of the lovely Louie, a dancer I was crazy about.

Louie poses with the statue of herself in my shop.
Louie, Louie was first displayed at an outdoor sculpture show in Eads, TN, where rainwater was allowed to run down her, cutting tiny grooves in her shoulders, which I repaired later. Plaster cannot take that! It can be washed, butcannot take steady running water.
More models with their statues.
         At Gallery 509, Memphis, Aug. 1999

Floating Louie
You are looking straight up at this featherweight gauze casting, held up with monofilament.
Gallery 509. Made in the surviving portion of the original mold.   $350    1998

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