Kathy statues

Kathy was a good model for a while. Wonder where she is now. She had a boyfriend who was a tattoo artist.. broke up..
with a bunch of half-done tatts on her legs! FYI, tatts do not show up in lifecasting unless there is scarring or they are fresh.

 Two views of Kathy full torso portrait statue. 
Reinforced Hydrocal   $1200
 Lighting and viewing height are the differences.

Here's how Kathy posed for this piece, on shelves. 

Rear torso statue, reinforced Hydrocal. tinted and sealed    $600. 
I love a V-shaped back!   SOLD
   Side view.  SOLD
This is Kathy, as well.

Kathy's head is on
Summer Woodnymph!

Oh, yes I can.



Paper was cast in the mold of this pose.
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