Gina Sleeping         1991, reinforced Hydrocal        $1600

Big-time ClubTiffanys dancer 'Gina,' crowned Miss Nude Tennessee 1989, aka Miss PYT, posed a few times for me.
This is the best statue we made. Displayed Eaton Gallery, 1993, and at Gallery 509, Aug. 1999.

Gina had, like, 2% bodyfat..

How did she get her fine silicones? Mr. McVean bought them.. Gina was to be a 'hotwalker.'





Works of Heart
A heart-shaped statue donated to the Memphis Child Advocacy Center and auctioned off, an annual event. About 80 local artists participate.

 Note all the color in the bronze paint job. This finish has at least 8 layers.

We can do you this same pose!

more Works of Heart    Foam cast

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