Michael Conine 

This amazing artist took one lifecasting workshop and created what has to be the biggest continuous lifecast statue, the Crazy Girls Monument at the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas. It was almost his first lifecasting! Newspaper photo shows showgirl models admiring it. Now he lives in Arkansas, teaching art at a college.
Bronze!!   See his own websites--.http://www.crazygirlssculpture.freeservers.com and   http://www.tcworks.net/~mconine
"About the sculpture, my wife is my helper. We did each girl in three pieces, legs up to mid-thigh, bottom to about the middle of the back, and head and sholders. We wrapped the hair in plastic wrap. The alginate molds were cast in Hydrocal... 
After they were shipped back to Santa Fe, the pieces were fit back together and mounted on supporting boards. The hair was sculpted in clay and rubber molds were made. The molds were used to create wax positives that were then used to cast bronze. After about 5 months of work the finished bronze weighed in at 1540 pounds."
Mike Conine 
Conway, Arkansas

He told me this: "I have taken classes from Willa Shalit and Dean Erickson in Santa Fe. I would love to hear from others interested in lifecasting." But he has vanished as far as I can tell.

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