If you have a plaster mold, you can readily cast clay in it, because dry plaster absorbs the water out of the soft clay pressed into it, so the clay will shrink and stiffen. You are limited to forms which will pull out of the molds, though, and many of my molds have severe undercuts-- places where the casting will hang up. Busting the mold up while it holds clay would get plaster crumbs into the clay, and then it would never survive firing.
That said, here are a few ceramic pieces.
Ceramic 'Work of Heart' made in the torso mold seen on the lifecasting page.  Sold, but we'll make more! $175 Bronze Age Torso:  I have several copies of this one. Glaze looks like graphite.
Model: Camille         $350
Another clay 'Work of Heart,' bought by a beautiful Memphis divorce lawyer. about the Works of Heart
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