Balancing Torso
1991      Reinforced Hydrocal, wood prop     $2500

There are two versions of this statue, which some say is my best work. The first time I tried to cast this pose, I had a bad area, the left shoulderblade, so I recast it and did better [which became the one above.]  Later I repaired the first mold and cast it as well [below].
So while I want $2500 for this one, I'll let the second one go for $1000. The second statue (which includes the head) was displayed at the Pyramid Club downtown for a long time. 
The wood helps the composition but isn't structurally necessary. You could mount either of these on a wall in a shallow niche or on a little shelf.
Fiberglass-reinforced Hydrocal is amazingly strong. I have carried this piece around by the left arm, which is not connected to the lower torso, with no problem.


Yes, she's got her head. Not sure it adds to the piece. Swayback! I'm crazy for swayback.

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