Arts in the Park 1992

 A site-specific Special Project

My second year of participation in Arts in the Park, held back then in Memphis' Overton Park. For safety reasons, and to display effectively at night (we called this festival, 'Arts in the Dark') there are lawn lights around my four woodnymphs.
Woodnymph of Autumn
Glass-reinforced Hydrocal, wood, enamel and metal leaf finish $1250
Woodnymph of Winter 
cast concrete $750
Winter nymph photographed at night, lit by my site lighting.

The woodnymphs who live in the park have a sweet life! They emerge from the earth in the spring, sunbathe all summer, dive back underground in the fall, and then sleep underground all winter.



The model Patti (below) for Autumn (above) was a fitness enthusiast and had no problem posing propped up on her shoulders with her legs straight up in the air. We used props to hold her steady.
See Feet





Winter Woodnymph 2

Reinforced Hydrocal, acrylic finish $750
Mold of headless torso survives. Very nice shape!
This model, JK, also appears as Spring, and Winter, above.
This is alternate winter woodnymph statue I didn't use at AITP.
You are looking down at her.
Like the April statue, this piece can be hung at different angles or set flat on a pedestal.

The model bought a clear fiberglass cast of this recently.

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