1994   black fiberglass  (Fiber Reinforced Polyester) $1500
She was posed with her torso horizontal, so you are in effect looking down at her. This piece can hang at any angle or be set on a horizontal surface. Since it is fiberglass, it can go outdoors safely. 

Thin, light and strong, but this is a provocative piece!

This model was a 'hippie chick' who seemed fine when we cast her, her boyfriend helping, but five years later she tells me she suffered terribly. I told her she had a duty to complain right then so I could figure out the problem or stop altogether. She said nothing more then, but continues to act hurt.

But people like her can scare away a dozen other possible models and I wish I had known what she was angry about right then. Did she suffer hair removal? Or a belief she had been objectified? There's the object, alright, but she's not inside it.

Fiberglass might seem to be an ideal casting material. Lightweight, weather resistant, almost unbreakable.. It's great, all right, but it's very hard to repair flaws. Sanded spots never look right. This piece is glossy and you'd better like it that way!
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