Association of Lifecasters International (ALI)

A warning:

If you are interested in having a lifecast done, you might go to the ALI members list page and find the nearest lifecaster.
I as a board member have not judged their proficiency or knowledge of safe procedures. These people have pretty much joined by stating they have an interest in joining.

You are on your own as far as judging their work for yourself and deciding if they are experienced enough to do what you have in mind. Please be careful! Someone who has cast some clasped hands and a few faces may be eager to move up to full torso work. Do you want to be their guinea pig?
Ed McCormick, founder and head of ALI, does give referrals, presumably using his discretion.

That said, the ALI is a marvellous resource for seeing a wide variety of lifecast art, reading its history, and seeing the work of hundreds of other lifecast artists.
There are two forums where anyone can ask questions and have more-experienced people answer them, Lifecasting Forum, and here is another, a Yahoo egroup. Then there is an ALI members Yahoo group, for members only.

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