Arts in the Park 1999 

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Here are the three models posing for their statues.
Statue by Chiparus was inspiration...

This shows how I use posing supports.  See finished statue.
 See the moldmaking process

Maurice the bodybuilder went off to model in Italy. See the Statue

Yvonne: The plaster mold made from this pose was cast in fine concrete, with cleverly curved rebar cast in for strength. Statue stolen and not recovered.The only photo is on previous page. Yvonne's working at her own studio now. I like working with this young artist, who has done an amazing variety of work.

I love casting torsos in torsion (twisting) but it's not easy to hold such a pose. Like old-time photography, poses which can be held for 25 minutes must be chosen. This tends to eliminate "action" poses and promote peaceful ones. Regular sculpture, where the artist works from a posed model, run into this problem.. Action poses have to be sculpted from photographs and brief poses.

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